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I’ve been coaching with Eva for over a year. She has been a true light for me on this journey in ways far beyond the food specifics & details. She understands that the food is just one piece of the puzzle & has helped bring awareness to the other equally important areas along this journey. There are increasingly more & more raw vegans populating social media. In a world of conflicting & often confusing advice, Eva remains a voice of balance & compassionate wisdom . Her experience & simple strategies & ideas have helped me tremendously. I’m incredibly grateful for all that I’ve learned from coaching with her. 



Eva has been a godsent for me and I feel so lucky to work with her.  She exudes love and confidence and truly cares about her clients. One of the things I really appreciate is her balanced approach to health. She truly looks at all aspects of you before making any recommendations.  There’s no one size fits all. She looks at health from every angle – spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. 


I come from a disordered eating background and have been used to restricting food and dieting my whole life. Although I was trying to go all raw, Eva gently encourages me to listen to my body and not force myself to do anything that doesn’t feel right for me. She reminds me that mental health is just as important as physical health (if not more!). She tells me that it’s ok to allow myself certain foods that aren’t raw if that’s what feels right for me. She encourages me to let go and relax and to try to find joy in other areas of my life too. She says if you’re not having  fun, what’s the point?!  That really resonated with me. Joy and happiness are found in so many other areas of your life. If we let go and trust it, everything will be ok. I am a perfectionist and I’ve always punished myself and felt guilty for not following my eating protocols 100%. Eva gives me so much love and support and tells me it’s ok to allow myself other foods once in awhile if it brings me joy. Given my background, I understand why she advises this for me as opposed to someone else who may come from a different background and may get different advice. This is what I mean when I say it’s not a one size fits all with her. Her guidance and support is individualized for each person.


Eva is available and responsive and always willing to help. There have been many moments where I was having a breakdown and needed her advice so badly. If she can’t email me back right away, she’ll let me know when I can expect to hear from her.


I would 100% recommend Eva for any kind of coaching, support, advice and encouragement you may be looking for.  She offers it all and with such grace and humor! I feel like I’m talking to one of my girlfriends. She just gets it and is so easy to talk to and is very relatable. She’s so real, and to the point- no sugar coating here. Which I love! It’s so refreshing and has truly helped me a lot. 


I cannot give enough praise and recognition to Eva on how much she has helped me throughout my journey. I feel blessed to have found her and couldn’t imagine working with someone more perfect for me.




Eva is honest, supportive, straight forward, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I have loved every second of her wise guidance throughout my healing journey.




 Eva’s refreshing approach to a plant based lifestyle is equal parts brilliant and practical.




Thank you Eva for your kind guidance. You’re my Health Angel.




Eva is a passionate, committed and reliable leader with a unique experience and expertise in nutrition and healthy living. She is one of a kind! I strongly recommend you to follow her advice! 



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