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Hi, I’m Eva!

I didn’t always have a great relationship with food. Come to think of it, I didn’t always have a great relationship with food, my body, my health or body image. Like way too many women, I’ve struggled to live comfortably in my own skin. 

Throughout my teens and early twenties I mostly ate food that would keep me slim while never thinking of my health, well-being or nutrition. I loved snacking on sugar free and low fat foods and other “healthy” junk foods, and while I never had a full-fledged eating disorder, I often over-ate, counted calories and became a sugar junkie. 

I never really gave much thought to what I was actually eating until my late twenties, when I read a book about the importance of eating organic food and the dangers of pesticides in fruits and vegetables. Gratefully, that book prompted a shift into a more conscious way of eating and I promptly began buying organic food only.

A short few years later, when I was pregnant with my first child, I became disgusted by meat. I just couldn’t see it, smell it, touch it, much less taste it. Because of this sort of serendipitous event, I reluctantly became a vegetarian and while I wasn’t educated on the subject at that point, my journey into a more compassionate and healthy lifestyle began.

For the first time it occurred to me that my choices on the dinner plate matter. They matter a lot, I went on to learn. I connected the dots between my cheese sandwich and the suffering of our animal friends and from there it was an easy road onto a Plant Based way of eating, although one still very much dependent on processed food.

Not surprisingly, after a lifetime of processed, dead, white and lifeless food, I found myself plagued by hormonal issues around the time I hit my early forties, despite the fact I had started eating more fruits and vegetables.

During this challenging time, my period would start and then go on to last 2-3 weeks of extremely heavy flow and twice I was so weak from blood loss, I was told I needed a blood transfusion. My gynecologist put it all down to age and declared what she called  peri-menopausal issues as “normal” and “to be expected at your age” She went on to prescribe Hormonal Therapy and had me schedule a painful procedure to have the lining of my uterus scraped off. I declined, knowing deep inside there had to be another way to heal and that pills and surgery were just a quick fix that didn’t address the real cause of my troubles.

Eva Loves Raw Health Coaching

When I turned 44, after trying numerous alternative healing modalities with inconsistent results, I decided to enroll at the Hippocrates Health Institute Educator Program and for the first time in a long time, I gained a sense of hope. 

Hippocrates showed me a new, exciting world of true nutrition and enlightened me on the truth about our Species Specific Diet. The Institute also showed me how to allow my body to heal itself, how to properly take care of it, to be grateful for its gift and to appreciate the miracle that we all are. 

Since my time at The Hippocrates Health Institute, where I obtained my Health Educator Certification, I have grown in unimaginable ways both physically and spiritually by adopting a 100% Raw Foodie Lifestyle. I am forever transformed, grateful and in awe of my body and its innate ability to heal. 

I have also since studied Plant Based Nutrition at eCornell and I am now a Certified Raw Chef. 

My biggest desire, what truly drives me, is to let you into what I have learned and continue to learn. Through Conscious Coaching, it is my privilege to guide, empower, educate and inspire you. 

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