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7 Day High Raw Reset Ebook

This comprehensive and fun ebook is for those wishing to cleanse, recharge and revitalize in a simple yet effective manner utilizing the power of plants. High Raw Reset has all the information, recipes, guidance and informative tidbits you need in order to successfully take your wellness to the next level.

3 Day Smoothie Cleanse Ebook

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In this simple, comprehensive and inspiring 3 day program, you will find all the information you need to give yourself that nutritional and regenerative boost you’ve been craving by consuming delicious, nutritious and revitalizing smoothies.

1 on 1 coaching

What I Can Do for You

My role as your personal coach is to meet you where you are at in your health journey and gently yet firmly, guide you towards your personal health goals.

We are all individuals with different physiological needs, therefore together we will create a plan that is specific to you.

I cannot give enough praise and recognition to Eva on how much she has helped me throughout my journey…


Eva is honest, supportive, straight forward, knowledgeable and extremely helpful.


Eva’s refreshing approach to a plant based lifestyle is equal parts brilliant and practical.


In a world of conflicting & often confusing advice, Eva remains a voice of balance & compassionate wisdom…


Tune in on my Youtube channel for weekly videos on my Raw Food lifestyle where I show tasty ways to eat raw and share relevant insight for thriving on a raw food diet!

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